What Happens If I Damage My Motability Car?

You need to try and keep the car in a good condition, and any damage should be reported to the insurer. They will advise you whether repairs need to be carried out or not. 

Motability do understand that over the course of the lease there is bound to be some 'wear and tear', for example light scuffing, scratches, minor internal damage (perhaps caused by wheelchairs or other mobility equipment) or stone chips, particularly on the bodywork, wheels, and luggage areas.

Things that would not normally be considered fair wear include deep dents and scratches to bodywork, burns or tears to the interior or large cracks in any plastic trims.

If you return the vehicle with damage that goes beyond fair wear and tear, then there may be a charge for repairs. 

If your vehicle is damaged, contact the insurer of Motability cars Direct Line Motability Insurance on 0300 037 3737.

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