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Can I Get A Discount On My Next Motability Car?

Can I Get A Discount On My Next Motability Car?

How Do Some People With A Disability Manage To Negotiate A Better Motability Scheme Deal?

Posted on | Updated 19th Mar 2021

The Motability Scheme gives people with a disability the chance to drive a brand new car with the amazing, all-inclusive Motability package where the cost of pretty much everything, with the notable exception of fuel, is included. Disabled people in the UK who receive an enhanced Mobility Allowance from the government can spend this extra money on whatever they feel will help them to stay active and get around, and currently more than 600,000 people choose to exchange it and lease a new Motability car. But should Motability customers simply accept the deal that’s on offer from the dealership, or is it possible to negotiate with the Motability Specialist to try and improve it?