When Do Motability Update Their Vehicle Prices?

The Motability Scheme vehicle price list is updated every three months. It includes a 'Price Guarantee', which means the Advance Payment price of the vehicle at the time you place the order is the price you'll pay to the dealer, even if the price goes up before your handover date.

The new Advance Payment prices for Motability cars are released on:

  • 1st January
  • 1st April
  • 1st July
  • 1st October

In addition, vehicles can be added or removed from the scheme list at any time.

It normally takes the car manufacturers and their dealers a few days to update the new Motability prices on their own websites. 

At MotaClarity we regularly check the latest prices, write an updated guide to the best new mobility car deals and give customers an easy way to find the car manufacturers downloadable Motability car price brochures. 

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