Volkswagen Motability Offers & 2023 Price List

What Volkswagen Cars Can I Get On Motability?

Volkswagen offer a wide variety different models and bodystyles through the Motability Scheme that cater for each individual customers’ specific needs. Cars currently available to order through the Motability scheme include the Volkswagen Polo and the impressive Volkswagen Golf.

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This car brochure may not be the latest brochure available. Contact your local Motability dealer for the current brochure and latest model information. The information and illustrations in all brochures are for illustration purposes only and are subject to change without notice. The fuel figures quoted are provided solely for comparison purposes between different models. If this brochure is out-of-date and needs updating, please let us know.

Volkswagen Reviews

Volkswagen Caddy and Caddy Life review

Van-based MPVs have, to date, failed to disguise their utilitarian roots. The Volkswagen Caddy and Caddy Life people carriers offer a rather more upmarket feel and a drive that's a good deal more spirited than most. You can have seven seats, yet in a car that's easy to park in the tightest multi-storey - and all the technology a family could want. As a compromise between relative sophistication and solid common sense, these compact Caddy people movers work extremely well.

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Volkswagen Golf review

Volkswagen has reimagined what its Golf family hatchback should be, this eighth generation model packaged very differently from its predecessor. Under the skin, hybrid engineering is prevalent further up the range but for potential buyers, what will probably matter most is the distinctive new nose and the classy minimalist cabin. Loyal Golf owners will find lots to like here.

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Volkswagen ID.3 review

The ID.3 has changed the way we think about Volkswagen. And about affordable electric cars. But there's been quite a bit for the brand to iron out since this model first arrived on our market in 2020. This updated version is smarter, has a more up-market cabin, better media connectivity and charges faster. Time to give this EV a second look.

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Volkswagen ID.4 review

Volkswagen's most significant global EV is this one, the mid-sized ID.4 crossover, here usefully improved. An upgraded motor brings significant increases in both pulling power and driving range, while inside, the cabin's more media-savvy and user-friendly. As before, this contender's practical, decent to drive and reasonable value. And there's the option of AWD if you want it.

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Volkswagen ID.5 review

With the ID.5 mid-sized coupe-SUV, Volkswagen offers a more aspirational kind of mid-sized EV crossover. It certainly has a dash more pavement presence than the ID.4 SUV it's entirely based upon: and in top GTX hot hatch form, it better showcases the brand's more potent AWD dual motor powertrain. It's been considerably improved in this updated form; enough to now make it worth asecond look? You might just think so.

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Volkswagen Polo review

The Volkswagen Polo supermini model line is one of the most successful in supermini history. This improved version of the MK6 design is more advanced than before and comes with a smarter, more up-market look. Features like a digital instrument panel and a whole raft of camera-driven safety and autonomous driving kit also borrow much from the class above.

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Volkswagen T-Cross review

Think of a Volkswagen Polo with a more adventurous image, a slightly larger cabin and a more flexible interior. You're picturing this car, Volkswagen's smallest SUV, the T-Cross, here usefully improved with a sharper look and an updated cabin. As before, it's trendy, quite sophisticated and very acceptably efficient, thanks to its 1.0-litre TSI petrol and 1.5 TSI petrol engine options. And you can make it very much your own. What's not to like?

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Volkswagen T-Roc review

The T-Roc set a more fashionable trend for compact Volkswagen SUVs, representing the brand in the affordable style-conscious end of the fast-growing mid-sized crossover segment. Now it's been lightly updated with a sharper look inside and out. As before, almost everything you can't see on this car comes from a Golf hatch, which is no bad thing. As for the stuff you'll admire in the driveway, well it all looks satisfyingly fashionable.

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Volkswagen Taigo review

Volkswagen has added further to its already extensive line-up of compact SUVs with this trendier-looking model, the Taigo. This car shares much with both the Polo supermini and the brand's existing entrant in the compact Crossover class, the T-Cross, but brings a more avant garde vibe that will appeal more to the segment's fashionistas. And of course with it, you get all the usual reassuring Volkswagen attributes of quality and sound engineering.

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Volkswagen Tiguan review

Volkswagen's third generation Tiguan has been subtly moved up-market but will retain a familiar appeal to hordes of loyal customers who liked this lower-mid-sized SUV's two predecessors. It's been redesigned outside and completely upgraded within. Plus it's more electrified, bigger and better connected.

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Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace review

Volkswagen's improved Tiguan Allspace 7-seat SUV gets revised design, extra control and assist systems and new premium features. And, of course, it's still as practical as ever. Could it be all the car you'll ever really need? Potential buyers will probably see this car in just that way.

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