Audi Motability Offers & 2023 Price List

What Audi Cars Can I Get On Motability?

Drive a new Audi with Motability, the car lease scheme that’s backed by a UK charity to give disabled customers the chance to enjoy affordable, ‘worry-free’ motoring. Simply exchange your Mobility Allowance and drive a brand new Audi with the Motability 3 year package and, if you need one, choose from a range of fitted driving and accessibility adaptations available at no extra cost.

Audi offer a great range of stylish, premium cars through the Motability Scheme. Audi models currently available include the Audi Q2 and the A1 Sportback.

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This car brochure may not be the latest brochure available. Contact your local Motability dealer for the current brochure and latest model information. The information and illustrations in all brochures are for illustration purposes only and are subject to change without notice. The fuel figures quoted are provided solely for comparison purposes between different models. If this brochure is out-of-date and needs updating, please let us know.

Audi Reviews

Audi A1 Sportback review

The Audi A1 has firmly established itself as the ultimate supermini - the essence of democratic down-sizing. This second generation A1 Sportback is smarter, more efficient and better-equipped - and remains a seductive package for small car buyers. Luxury makers often cut corners to drive down the cost of their smaller models and it shows. Not Audi. In any form you choose, this A1 Sportback will always feel reassuringly expensive.

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Audi A3 Sportback review

The premium compact car. If that concept means anything to you, then it's the car we look at here, Audi's A3 Sportback, that might well come to mind. True to the brand's Vorsprung durch Technik philosophy, this model once again aims to set fresh standards, incorporating a completely digitalised interior and cutting-edge infotainment, plus more unique light signatures, powerful engines and a suite of innovative assistance systems enveloped in a completely redesigned, yet immediately recognisable body. The result is a car that should show you just how far things have recently progressed in this segment.

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Audi Q2 review

Audi aimed to inject a little more fun into its SUV line-up with this more compact and affordable Q2 model - and has here lightly improved it. This little crossover is aimed at customers wanting a Nissan Juke-style small Crossover but requiring a little more class and quality. It's offered a new direction for the Ingolstadt brand.

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Audi Q4 e-tron review

The Q4 e-tron was the first production Audi built on the Volkswagen Group MEB platform for volume all-electric cars. This lower-mid-sized crossover is pricier of course than other similarly-sized full-battery-powered SUVs from the Wolfsburg conglomerate, but it delivers a much more up-market feel that'll help ease you into your new electrified phase of motoring ownership. Two years into its production life, it was usefully updated to create the car we're going to look at here.

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Motability’s all-inclusive 3 year / 60,000 mile car lease package includes: