Citroen Motability Offers & 2024 Price List

What Citroen Cars Can I Get On Motability?

Browse the latest new Motability cars, MPV’s and SUV’s from Citroën. Through the Motability scheme disabled drivers can use their Mobility Allowance to take delivery of a brand new Citroën with the all-inclusive Motability package, giving you 3 years and up to 60,000 miles of completely worry-free driving.

Drive A New Citroën With Motability

The French carmaker has always had a certain flair when it comes to building cars. There’s a huge range of practical and stylish new Citroën Motability cars to choose from, with around 20-30 models always available with £0 upfront Advance Payment. Popular Citroën cars that can be ordered through the Motability Scheme include the Citroën C5 Aircross, the C3 Aircross and the new C4.

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This car brochure may not be the latest brochure available. Contact your local Motability dealer for the current brochure and latest model information. The information and illustrations in all brochures are for illustration purposes only and are subject to change without notice. The fuel figures quoted are provided solely for comparison purposes between different models. If this brochure is out-of-date and needs updating, please let us know.

Citroen Reviews

Citroen C3 review

Citroen's third generation C3 supermini got a wash 'n brush-up in late 2020, with a slightly smarter looks, comfier seats and extra personalisation options. Here, it's been further tweaked, with a revamped trim range featuring extra equipment. It's still one of the most comfort-orientated small cars you can buy, though ultimately, there's nothing really revolutionary on offer here. Still, as a complete and highly personalisable package, it's desirably different.

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Citroen C3 Aircross review

Just because a car is fashionable doesn't mean it can't also be practical too. For proof of that, Citroen brings us this C3 Aircross, now usefully revised in this updated form. This complete and highly personalisable package is their idea of what a little SUV should be.

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Citroen C4 review

This third generation C4 is a far more creditable offering for Citroen in the family hatchback sector. And, the French brand hopes, can play its part in rejuvenating this segment by integrating SUV style and the option of either combustion, Hybrid or full-electric power into traditional family hatch design. Plus there's a clever suspension system to make this contender feel really Citroen-esque. And in recent times, the car's gained much improved cabin media tech.

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Citroen C4 X review

The C4 X is 'the best of a hatchback, with the modernity of an SUV and the timelessness of a saloon', according to Citroen. Or you could simply see it as a sedan version of the brand's quirky C4 hatch. Either way, it's an ambitiously styled EV or combustion-powered four-door family saloon that's compact yet spacious, with a simply enormous boot.

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Citroen C5 Aircross review

Citroen's C5 Aircross is, according to its maker, 'the most comfortable SUV on the market'. Quite a claim, given that this isn't a large, luxury crossover but is targeted at family buyers currently considering volume mid-sized models in this class like Nissan's Qashqai and SEAT's Ateca. This revised version gets a more assertive look, higher equipment levels and a choice of conventional, mild hybrid or Plug-in Hybrid engines. Plus its smarter cabin is still one of the most spacious and flexible in the segment.

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Citroen C5 X review

If Citroen is to return to its traditionalist roots, it needs a big, plush comfort-orientated quirky flagship model. Which is exactly what we've got with this car, the unusual but potentially rather pleasing C5 X. It's an unusual confection, but the right kind of customer might rather like it.

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Citroen e-Berlingo review

The electrified version of Citroen's Berlingo small MPV has remarkably few compromises over its combustion engine counterpart. So if you can afford the price premium and can cope with the now-enhanced 198 mile driving range, it might be tempting option if you're looking for a full-electric compact family car and don't want a compact SUV. Here, there's the option of a seven-seat cabin too, which is rare to find in an EV at present.

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Citroen e-SpaceTourer review

There are more options than you might expect for full-electric power with really large MPVs. Here's Citroen's take on this concept, the e-SpaceTourer, here usefully improved with a larger 75kWh battery. It still won't go particularly far on a single charge, but it'll seat up to nine, help you move house or function as an executive minibus. All without using a drop of fuel.

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Motability’s all-inclusive 3 year / 60,000 mile car lease package includes: