The Motability Car Is To Help Me Stay Mobile, But I Don’t Drive. Do I Have To Learn How To Drive?

No. You can still lease a Motability car even if you don’t drive. You simply need to nominate a maximum of three drivers who will be insured by Motability to drive the car on your behalf, as long as they live with (or within five miles of) you. Motability will also consider requests to include drivers who live more than five miles away.

Drivers under 25 are restricted to petrol, diesel and hybrid cars with engines that have a power output of 120 Brake Horse Power (BHP) or less and an insurance group of 16 or below. For electric cars, drivers under 25 are restricted to vehicles with an insurance group of 21 or lower and a power output of 140 BHP or less (these restrictions excludes WAV drivers). In addition, only one driver under the age of 21 is allowed.

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