Do I Keep Any Of The Annual Mobility Allowance Increase?

The weekly rental cost of most Motability vehicles is the 'Total Allowance' (all of your Mobility Allowance, currently £71.00 a week), but if you choose a vehicle that costs the same as or less than the 'Total Allowance', the remainder of your money will come back to you via your allowance provider. 

These vehicles tend to be smaller, lower priced hatchbacks and crossovers. If you choose one of these vehicles, Motability call this type of lease a 'constant' lease.

With a 'constant' lease Motability car, you get to keep any difference between the Mobility Allowance amount and the Fixed Weekly Rental amount, including any annual increases during your lease.

So if you choose one of these cars, you get to keep some of your benefit, and the amount you get back should increase every year as the benefit rises each April in line with CPI inflation.

Most Motability customers are on what's called a 'variable' lease. If you’re on this, Motability will always receive all of your Mobility Allowance benefit, even if it goes up.

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